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Fall Garden

From the kitchen I have a view of the back garden, it is planted with drifts and individual perennials. The garden is quite a distance from the house and needs strong colors to be noticed. In late summer, it blooms for weeks on end because Perovskia atriplicifolia is one of the main perennials that carries the garden through until frost. Asters, Sanguisorba and many others lend their support.


Backyard garden - September 2014

Backyard garden – September 2014

Aster - pixieperennials.com

Aster – pixieperennials.com

Aster - pixieperennials.com

Aster – pixieperennials.com


Bodacious Blooms

Terraces at pixieperennials@gmail.com

Terraces at pixieperennials@gmail.com

Looking for the names of the perennials in the photographs? The botanical names are listed below this note in the section titled “tags”.


The fall garden puts on quite the show, with late blooming perennials that keep the garden fresh until frost.

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Pixie Sale Sept '13

There are many perennials that continue to enhance the garden from late summer into early fall. Your garden can still look great after July, if you choose the right plants when creating your design. The photos below illustrate color is possible in August and September.  As additional fall blooming perennials put on their show I will add photos to the gallery. Please  check back next week to see what else is flowering.  Enjoy the Labor Day weekend!

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