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Fall festive wreath with hydrangeas and artemisia

Don’t know what to do with your Artemisia ludoviciana, (Silver wormwood)?  Cut it down and make a wreath.  Use green floral wire to wrap three to four stems of artemisia together. Place them on top off each other, slightly offset from the previous grouping in order to form a circle. Once you have the circle size you desire, begin to tuck additional single stems into the wreath form. This will soften the appearance, add fulness and look more natural.  If you have hydrangeas in your yard, stick them into your wreath. Add a bow and you are ready to hang your creation. Berries, astilbe, and rose hips can also be used, it just depends on the look you are going for.  I leave the wreath on the barn until it is time for winter decorations to be put up.

The base of this year’s wreath is the one I made last year and stored in our garage. Newly cut plants are wired to the existing wreath. Most of the labor occurs the first year, when making the original frame.

Be creative with your garden cuttings by reusing the plant material to keep the season going longer. When putting your garden to bed for the winter, think whether or not the perennials you are clipping can be used in your wreath. If not, add them to your compost pile.