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Waterlogue – iPhone app

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My son found the Waterlogue  iPhone app, which lets you feel like an artist. You don’t need to be able to paint to create a  beautiful watercolor in several different styles.  I  enjoy using  Natural, but other options include: Blotted, Luminous, “It’s Technical”, Travelogue, Rainy, Illustration, Soaked, Fashionable, Color Bloom, Shallow and Bold.  In the gallery, I put two photos of the lower terrace, each “painted” in a separate style . One image is in  Natural, and the other  in Bold.  The backyard garden is shown in Natural and Technical.  What a difference?  It is fun and easy to use.  Only wish I could claim the watercolor pictures as mine, but they are my flowers.  One drawback, however,  is how it renders people, they do not turn out well. Stick to inanimate objects or scenes for the best results,  but you be the judge.  Everyone has different tastes.  Hope you try the app, it’s free.  Let your inner Monet out.

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