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Misty morning

Thick morning mist blanketing the garden.  Hot days, scorched plant leaves, and fried flowers in the garden, some had only opened the day before.   The fog providing some relief for the plants.   (A photo opportunity not to be missed).

Years ago at a garden symposium, a speaker was discussing  the proper watering technique for plants, stressing watering at the base of the plant is optimal.  He told this story which stuck with me.  Spraying plant leaves instead of watering the roots would be like  you wandering in the desert, dehydrated, looking for an oasis from which to get water. Finally a man on a camel approaches, takes out his canteen, and instead of handing it to you, proceeds to pour it over your head and rides off.  You are still dying of thirst.  Lesson:  Remember to deeply water plant roots, not the foliage and to always be on a camel when in the desert with a canteen in your backpack.


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Hydrangea -pixieperennials@gmail.com

The hydrangeas are absolutely stunning this year.  Incredible colors – the photos do not do them justice.

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