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Gardens at Pixie Perennials


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For appointments please contact Sandi Blaze via mailto:pixieperennials@gmail.com

Home grown perennials and shrubs for sale.

7 thoughts on “Gardens at Pixie Perennials

  1. wouldn’t it be nice to see some pictures of your garden covered in the beautiful snow?

  2. The website is beautifully executed with the same detail and quality
    as your magnificent gardens!
    I especially liked the picture of your father and you. You have fondly shared
    many wonderful stories of Charlie. You both are great talents and inspiration
    to those of us who are passionate about our gardens and outdoor spaces.
    I look forward to visit the site again and of course to stop by and purchase
    more plants and flowers!

  3. Your gardens are amazingly stunning and these pictures show them off beautifully. I love it when one of your sales coincides with a visit from out-of-state friends or even from guests from abroad. I always bring such visitors to see your gardens–the number one tourist destination in Wilton to my mind!

  4. Sandi, Your gardens are simply gorgeous! You’ve done a wonderful work of art.

  5. Hi Sandi,
    We loved viewing your garden and talking with you during the Westport Hidden Garden tour. I look forward to seeing you again. Thank you for the information about your beautiful shrub in the corner down by the volley ball net, ‘Physocarpus Diablo’. I was able to find a dwarf variety, ‘Donna May’, at Oliver’s.

    Your website looks great! Good job and congratulations!
    Best regards, Brenda

    • Thank you Brenda. Glad you found the shrub! Everyone was asking about the physocarpus that day, stunning when in bloom, and great color leaves when it is not.

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